Tuesday, June 22, 2010


We are going on our yearly family camp-out this week-end to Mill-B. Some of us are going up as early as Thursday. We will be staying until Sunday sometime. Some of the kids are going up for the week-end and some are just going up on Saturday. Dad is pulling up the porta-potties so that will make it easier for everyone. He is also taking an extra cook stove to make meals a little easier.

Anyone who wants to go up just for the day can come back and stay at my house if they want. You can come back and do a bon-fire and feel like you are still camping:)

For meals we are planning on having sloppy joes, hot-dogs, and chili chips and cheese for dinner. Lunches will be mostly sandwiches and chips and some fruit. For breakfast, we will be having cereal, and making eggs and pancakes one or two mornings. You are welcome to bring stuff to go with what we are making and eat with us if you want.

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