Wednesday, July 14, 2010

While hangin out on the front porch late last night, we noticed a truck driving slowly up Oakridge Rd. So. a little past Aunt Ann's driveway towards my place, it stopped for a second while someone got out, then went up the road a little and turned the corner towards Grandma Faye's , then stopped again. It looked like someone got out again and was messing with a road sign. Then they drove up towards Grandpa's house and turned up toward Kelsch Circle. They stopped and got out and we could see that they were messin with Grandpa's road sign. We jumped in the car real fast to go after them to see what they were up to. We had a feeling that they were up to no good. Anyway, as soon as they saw us coming they jumped into their car and headed up the road towards Grandma Linda's, but not before stealing Grandpa's road sign! Dad was on their tail like stink on ****, with his brights shining right on them. Lucky for us, but not for them, they chose to drive up the only road around that goes no where:) We tailed them up around towards Judd's where they pulled up behind Judd's big garage. At that point they realized they were cornered with no where to go, so they stopped. They opened their window, and confessed to Dad what they had done. He got out and went over to talk to them while I was on the phone calling Judd to come out just in case there was trouble. Dad said they were two young punks who said they were just out goofing off. Dad said they sounded really nervous when he confronted them, asking them who they were and why they took the sign. Dad in his usual sweet and polite way asked them "if they would please go put it back," which they agreed to do. Moral of this story is: Don't go stealing road signs up on the Kelsch Compound, not with all those security cameras and security guards on every corner!

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