Thursday, August 5, 2010

Best Fishin Hole for Kids

Yes, I think I have found the best fishing hole for kids. It is at the Wasatch State Park in Midway. There is a beautiful pond where kids under 14 can fish without a license. There is grass on one side where you can set up your lawn chairs. There are picnic tables and a visitors center where kids can go in and use the restroom. There is also a playground for the kids to play on after they get tired of fishing. Best of all the pond is well stocked with fish! We went today and Rachel caught five. It was the first time she had caught a fish after going fishing at least 3 times, so she was very excited! (Unlike Matthew who was pretty bummed cuz he didn't catch any:) Lydia didn't fish much, but she made some new friends and ran all over the grass, played on the playground and fed the ducks. What a great way to spend a morning!

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