Saturday, August 28, 2010


The bowling was a lot of fun. We took Matthew, Lydia, Kaitlyn, and Alexia. It was supposed to be just for the little girls, but since very few were going, I decided to take Matthew too. Everyone had a good time, especially Ally. She would get the most excited when she knocked down the pins. She would throw her hands in the air and squeel, like she had just done the most amazing thing, then she would run around like she just had to find someone to share all her excitement with. I think Kaitylyn and Lydia found the hamburgers and french fries a little more interesting than the bowling at times, but they still had fun too. Matthew got the highest score, which he was pretty proud of. After we finished bowling we all went and sat up to the snack bar and had icecream. A great way to finish!

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