Saturday, August 28, 2010

Kellie Update

So as you all know, Kellie was thrown from a horse while in Moab. The accident happened Tuesday evening as she was out riding with some friends. She was on the horse with Enoch and Katrina's daughter Tyana and they were both thrown from the horse. A gal who lives at the Rock is a nurse so she was able to check them over and help them with their injuries. Kellie's shoulder popped out part way, but it slipped back in on its own, her right knee was pretty swollen and sore and she could hardly walk on it. Tyana was injured too, and her parents wanted to bring her up to Salt Lake so Enoch's mom, Carla, could check her over, so Kellie was able to catch a ride up with them.
Kellie said as she was crawling away from the horse as fast as she could, trying to keep from getting stomped on, she felt like a bone in her knee was poking out one way and then the other, whick made no sense at all until we took her in for an xray. We found out that her knee cap had been mostly torn from the ligaments on one side. The Dr. said that at some point the knee cap was probably over on one side of her knee. Yikes! Even now it is not where it should be. Anyway, she is going in on Monday morning to see a knee specialist and she will probably get a special knee brace that will hold the knee cap in place until it heals. Hopefully she won't have to have surgury.
Kellie is laid up and spends all day with her leg elevated. She is still in quite a bit of pain, and is pretty bored. Lydia is enjoying being Kellie's special nurse, and is hovering around her waiting on her and getting her anything she wants and needs. She has even been taking the phone with her, and she told Kellie to call her if she needs her for anything . ( She is so cute!)

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