Thursday, July 28, 2011

Kellie and her dislocations

Kellie put her shoulder again out while we were in St George. That makes 5 dislocations within one year! I think that is enough for any one person, so don't anyone encourage Kellie in any athletic activities more strenuous than playing marbles.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Rachel gets glasses

Rachel went in for an eye exam today. Her eyes aren't too bad but they said glasses might help her see without so much eye strain, so she picked out some very cute glasses. She is excited to get them.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Camping at Grandpa Gary's

The camp-out was fun as usual. Lots of nice people to visit with, lots of beautiful children running around and lots of good food. There was a dutch oven dinner on Saturday night which turned out awesome. There were so many dishes to choose from you couldn't fit it all on your plate. Snow cones and popcorn were on hand as usual at least once day. Everyone seemed to be having a great time!

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Last monday, July 18th, Kellie registered at Salt Lake Community College. She is planning on transferring to the Bed Bath and Beyond in West Jordan, and staying with Grandma Renee most of the time. After two years at SLCC she is hoping to transfer to a four year college where she can get a degree in Elementary Education. She wants to be a school teacher. Good Luck Kellie!

Sad to See Them Go

Lucas, Beth, Kyana and Zack left to go back to Texas, Monday morning , July18th. It was sad! We will miss them. It was great having them here for a few weeks and being able to see them often. They are talking about moving back soon. That would be wonderful, even if they moved close enough to drive in one day. On their way home they are planning to stop in Houston to visit Dustin and Natalie who just recently moved there. Have a great trip home!

Kellie's Graduation Party

Kellie's graduation party/BBQ turned out real nice. Everyone had a good time. The weather was nice, there was good food and good company. Thanks everyone for coming!



Kelly Michael -- 16th
Patsy --- 18th
Taylor -- 19th
Brittney -- 20th
Andrew --- 26th

Breaking News!

Natalie and Cody are engaged! The date is to be announced, but probably the first of September! Her ring is gorgeous and so is her dress. Congrats!

St. George

Everyone had a good time in St. George! The weather was perfect, the pool was a lot of fun. There was shopping, hanging out on the grass or by the pool and sipping smoothies, going to Mesquite, playing tennis, sleeping in and just generally enjoying each other's company and having a break from the kids. Lets make it a yearly tradition!

Herriman Days

Herriman days was fun. This is the first year we have gone for a while , since we usually go camping the same week-end. Eliza and Rachel went on a helicopter ride which was a cool experience for them. The fireworks were my favorite part!


The newest addition to our family , baby "Lyla Brielle" was born June 16th, at 11:56 a.m. at Riverton Hospital. She weighed 8'13 oz, and was 19 1/2 inches long. She has lots of long black hair and looks like a little papoose. Congrats Tyler, Melissa and little Ty Ty!



KELLY --- 12TH
AARON (JR) -- 14TH

Catching Up

Boy I get behind on my blogging. So many things have happened that I need to catch up on.

Eliza turned "Sweet 16" on March 25th. We rented a hotel room in the city and she and some friends went shopping , swam, hung out and had a great time!

Lou turned the big "50"! We had a BBQ with the family that was great except that Beth and her family couldn't be here. Everyone made some cool scrap book pages which we put together to make some awesome memory books for Lou that he loved.

Kim an Dave got married and had their reception on June 18th. The reception was beautiful and the least stressfull of all the receptions that we have had. Congrats! Kim and Dave!

Lydia graduated from Kindergarten! She got to wear a cute graduation cap and walk down the isle when her name was called. There were some yummy treats after and lots of pictures.


Elizabeth --5th
Zachary -- 6th
Rachel --- 17th
Camille -- 19th

Happy Birthday Everyone!

April Birthdays

Kaitlyn, --- 14
Kim --- 14
Lou-- 22
Ty Ty -- 25

March Birthdays


Lynn Jr. 7th,
Louis -- 23
Eliza --- 25th

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Lou's Surgery

Lou's surgery went well. He is already walking around as if nothing happened. He has three small incisions on his knee and his knee is sill somewhat swollen, but his recovery has been much smoother and easier than Kellie's. They will have matching scars, except on different knees. Lou still needs to do some therapy before he will be back to 100%, but hopefully soon he will be enjoying walking and running without all the pain he has been having for years.

February Birthdays

Five people have Birthdays in February. Julianne on the 2nd, Dawn and Darlene on the 19th, and Jacob and Joshua on the 26th. Julie turned 24, so will Dawn and Darlene. Jake and Josh will be 14! Wow! Happy Birthday!

January Birthdays

Yes, I am running way behind! Happy Birthday to all with January Birthdays. Aunt Ann on the 1st, Michelle on the 21st, and Melissa on the 23rd. Hope they were great!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Marie's Photography

Marie got an awesome new camera for Christmas and is looking for people to practice on, so if you would like some awesome pictures of you or your family give her a call.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE! Lets make it a great one. Did you make a New Years Resolution? We brought the New Year in with good food, family, friends, noisemakers, games and staying up all night!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Fun Holiday Pics

Gingerbread Houses and Snow Forts, sitting on Santa's lap and making robots at Grandma Faye's. Fun times!


Christmas was a ton of fun. We had wonderful friends and family to spend time with, good food to eat, and lots of gifts for everyone. The weather even cooperated, after about five days of tons of snow we finally got a break just in time for the holiday.


Thanksgiving was very enjoyable and the food was awesome. I actually got a warm meal since we decided to do buffet style this year. It seemed much more organized, and orderly. We enjoyed all those who came and missed all those who didn't. We had a wonderful holiday and it sounds like everyone else did too.