Saturday, February 12, 2011

Lou's Surgery

Lou's surgery went well. He is already walking around as if nothing happened. He has three small incisions on his knee and his knee is sill somewhat swollen, but his recovery has been much smoother and easier than Kellie's. They will have matching scars, except on different knees. Lou still needs to do some therapy before he will be back to 100%, but hopefully soon he will be enjoying walking and running without all the pain he has been having for years.

February Birthdays

Five people have Birthdays in February. Julianne on the 2nd, Dawn and Darlene on the 19th, and Jacob and Joshua on the 26th. Julie turned 24, so will Dawn and Darlene. Jake and Josh will be 14! Wow! Happy Birthday!

January Birthdays

Yes, I am running way behind! Happy Birthday to all with January Birthdays. Aunt Ann on the 1st, Michelle on the 21st, and Melissa on the 23rd. Hope they were great!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Marie's Photography

Marie got an awesome new camera for Christmas and is looking for people to practice on, so if you would like some awesome pictures of you or your family give her a call.